Getting Rid of Bees in Dagoretti

We are experienced as a bees exterminator and control of bees in Dagoretti Nairobi. We do spraying, fogging, use foggers, sprayers, and fumigation. Getting rid of bees can be a challenging task. Understanding how to eradicate bees in Dagoretti depends on numerous factors.

The first step is to identify the type of bee that needs to be get rid of. Bees that mostly common within homes are mainly honey bees, bumblebees, or carpenter bees. It is easy to mistake bumble bee for carpenter bee since they look alike in appearance. However, knowing how to get rid of bumble bees may not be similar to that of carpenter bees.

Prevention of Bees in Dagoretti

Bees mostly travel several miles from their hive in search of food usually pollens. Besides pollens, bees also get attracted to sweet food like fruits, ice cream, juice among others. In that regard, one of the ways of preventing bees from entering your home is to get rid of sweet food sources. It, therefore, implies that you should dispose of trash regularly and ensure that trash cans are cleaned more often. In addition, it is important to have food containers closed. For carpenter bees, ensure that outdoor surfaces are treated and painted regularly. This is because carpenter bees get attracted to unpainted wood and are less likely to burrow into other surfaces.

Bee Removal Methods in Dagoretti

There are numerous options in regard to getting rid of bees. For instance, the use of carpenter bee traps and hive removal.  A carpenter bee trap allows bees to enter through a small hole in a piece of wood. This tricks bees to fall into an empty plastic bottle. However, this method is not effective for bee control since it will not eliminate the source of the bees. This approach only traps a small proportion of the bees leaving a bigger infestation of bees to be dealt with. In most cases, entomologists recommend that bees should not be eliminated but be relocated since they are beneficial pollinators.

Other approaches towards getting rid of bees involves vacuuming out bee hive or having the hive covered with a plastic tarp and subjected to high temperatures that bees cannot survive.

The recommended solution for getting rid of bees is to engage a pest management professional. In that view, contact pest control since we are well versed in what approach work for type of bee infestation in your home.

Bees Control

What to avoid when removing bees

You should not seal the exit of the honey bee colony. This is because bees will look for another way out and this could be inside your house. Hives containing honey should be removed by well-skilled professionals. Nonetheless, in case the hive is not removed prior to the wax decays, it could result in structural damage and even causing the honey-waxy mess. It can also invite other hungry pests and insects that will feed on the honey when the bees are gone.

Pets, and children should not be around when trying to get rid of bees infestation. Besides, it is a necessity to wear a protective bee suit when handling bee removal.

Studies cite that bees are more aggressive and active during cloudy and windy days and it is during these seasons that they hunt for food. However, they are short-tempered in other weather conditions hence, should be approached with a lot of caution.

Avoid bright light at night during bee hive removal and use a red light instead to avoid agitating the bees.

Wy best pest control for bees removal in Dagoretti

The best approach towards getting rid of bees is to call a pest control professional. At best pest control, our technicians are well trained to effectively remove bees from your home.



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