Mites Control Services

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Nairobi City Pest Technologies offers professional, targeted, effective and reliable mites control services in Nairobi Kenya. For a dust mite control, red mite control service, or broad mite control service, talk to us. We have and use the most effective mite pesticide to prevent, control and exterminate mites. The best miticide in the market guarantees results by getting rid of an entire mites population.

Why Mites Control is Essential

Mites affect chickens and other animals in a home setup. Once they set in they crawl to every corner of the home and cause havoc. they are itchy when they crawl on your body. Because mites have very tiny bodies, they are invisible.

They have been reported to cause diseases, discomfort to the host animal, and itching. A mites infestation reduces the quality of life by causing discomfort and worry. You and other family members can never be at ease when you have a mites infestation.

You need mites control service ASAP

Our fumigation services in Nairobi cover a range of pests to ensure you live a comfortable and enjoyable life.



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