Mites Control and Exterminators in Nairobi

Mites Control and Exterminators in Nairobi

For professional mites’ control, we are an accredited pest exterminator in Nairobi Kenya with years of experience. Pests seek food and shelter in homes. As long as they find food and a good place to hide, they are game. They feed on stored grains, cheese products, and snacks. They like crevices and dusty environments. As they are small, the human eye might not notice their movement. In many cases, they will cause skin irritation and itching. The rashes that develop lead to serious bacterial infections which may trigger complications such as asthma. They should be controlled ASAP.

Experiencing Mite problem in Nairobi?

Our exterminators are well trained and have a keen eye on details. They will help you control and prevent future infestation. We have many years of controlling pests to our name. We have visited thousands of homes, interacted with varied types of mites. You are better placed when you allow us to visit your home and make recommendations to control mites bothering you. The solutions we provide are unique to a given site and no one solution fits all. Stop wasting money and time with off the shelf solutions. Get a pest exterminator now.

The common species of mites in Nairobi include bird mites, clover mites, chigger mites, dust mites, spider mites, red mites, and scabies.

Getting rid of Bird Mites in Nairobi

Bird mites are associated with birds that nest in homes. When birds are roosting, they tend to become a home to mites. Availability of plenty insects and water make the stay conducive for pests. Mites then start colonizing your home bit by bit. Within a short time, they have invaded your home and cause all sorts of discomfort. Breeding areas such as chimneys, roofing spaces, window edges and crevices in walls. Our technician will apply specific pesticide in the nesting areas to prevent future mite attack.

Dust Mite control and prevention in Nairobi

Dust mites easily adapt to indoor life within the cold seasons of Nairobi. Humid and warm houses are prone to dust mite and is a conducive environment to other select. They feed on tiny flakes of skin on fabrics. It has been reported that mites leads to human shedding skin. The skin becomes food to thousands of mites.

Chigger mite management in Nairobi

Chigger mites are best exterminated by pest management professional. Our technicians will help you inspect and locate chigger mite in your home or premise.  We have knowledge and skills that will ensure you are free from mites and that you live a stress free life. A better life starts by taking on the right step to control mites now.

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