Pest Control Prices in Kenya

Nairobi City Pest Technologies offers competent pest control prices in Kenya. We also offer cleaning services. Check out our cleaning services prices in Kenya here. We deliver value for the service we provide and base our charges on a number of items. Pricing is dependent on the type of pest to be controlled, the level of infestation, the size and the number of rooms. We also follow guidelines and regulations by consumer protection as shown on their website here. In that regard, we always endeavour to provide you with a quote that is affordable and that is as accurate as possible. We customize prices based on your needs and talk together to come up with a favorable rate. The following table is a sneak preview of our pricing model.

Type of PestSize of HouseModerate InfestationHeavy Infestation
Cockroaches, bedbugs, mites, fleas
1 RoomKsh. 2,500Ksh. 3,000
1 BedroomKsh. 3,500Ksh. 4,500
2 BedroomKsh. 5,000Ksh. 6,000
3 BedroomKsh. 6,000Ksh. 7,500
4 BedroomKsh. 7,000Ksh. 8,500
5 BedroomKsh. 8,000Ksh. 10,000
6 BedroomKsh. 9,000Ksh. 11,500
Other pests (termites, mosquitoes, flies, rodents)all sitesLet’s talk
Competitive pest control prices in Kenya

Different types of pests require different pest control approaches. Some pests are easy to get rid while others are stubborn. While the challenge is real, we have the experience, technology and capacity to solve your problems. We constantly research, learn and adopt new technologies to our pest control solutions. We charge affordable pest control rates to ensure you live in pristine conditions and do not worry about family. Health comes first. Let us sort out the pest issue with our low-cost pest control approaches without affecting the quality.

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Affordable pest control prices in Kenya

Talk to us about your pest issue and the prices you have in mind through call 0757124210 or email or fill the form below with your proposed quote.

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