Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Karen

Post Construction Cleaning Services in Karen

Nairobi City Pest Technologies offers post-construction cleaning services in Karen. We have well-trained staff who perfectly handle cleaning services. When rebuilding home spaces, play or work, it is important for such spaces to be cleaned to facilitate better ongoing construction to the final presentation of the property. Our post-construction cleaning service professionals will get rid of trash, debris, and lumber from the construction site. Besides, the well-trained cleaning team will also perform wall washing, dust removal, wash and vacuum clean the floors. Visit our home page for cleaning offers.

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Post Construction Cleaning Services

What is a Post-construction Cleaning Service?

Before we go further into what you obtain when you engage us to perform post-construction cleaning services, it is important to understand what it means. Upon completion of a construction project, debris, paint, and dust are normally all over the place. At Nairobi City Pest Technologies, we understand that a new residential or commercial space cannot be occupied immediately until a thorough cleaning is performed. Hence, it is known as post-construction cleaning which involves cleaning up the paints and dust arising during renovation or construction so as to make the space ideal for human use.

Nairobi City Pest Technologies Cleaning Services Checklist

  • Are walls clean?
  • Has ceilings and ceiling fans dusted?
  • Are floors polished?
  • Has all garbage been eradicated and disposed?
  • Are windows wiped and doors frames clean?
  • Has cabinet doors and tops of cabinets cleaned?
  • Has debris from around faucets and sinks removed?

Why Engage Us for your Cleaning Services in Karen

  • You will enjoy your new home place or office sooner.
  • Help to prevent self-injuries during the cleaning process since you may not have all the required protection tools and equipment.
  • Eliminate medical bills resulting from much dust which can cause coughing and make you sick.
  • Cut down cleaning cost since Nairobi City Pest Technologies cleaning department will offer all the cleaning service and products needed.
  • You will engage Professional service from our high skilled and trained team in the field of post construction
  • Your satisfaction is assured with the aid of your checklist at hand to ensure all areas are fully covered.

If you are seeking post-construction cleaning services specified above, and you need a guaranteed service, that is pocket friendly and one that is provided by the use of state-of-art technology, then look no further, we are right here to help you out. Talk to us, we are a reliable post construction cleaning service company who will deliver. We are dedicated to serving without rest till Nairobi is clean.  For more information on post-construction cleaning services in Karen, contact us today

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