Restaurants and Pubs Cleaning Services in Upper Hill

Restaurants and Pubs Cleaning Services in Upper Hill

We are the best and most reliable service provider for restaurants and pubs cleaning services in Upper Hill in both hospitality and high street destination. We provide unmatched professional pubs and restaurants cleaning services at a competitive price that delivers value for your money. Check out our full price list here. Based on a number of years of cleaning experience for restaurant chains, bars, and pubs, we offer a cost-effective cleaning service. We understand that most of the restaurants, pubs or bar cleaning is conducted overnight or out of hours. Hence, we have managed to tailor our restaurant and pub cleaning services to meet our clients’ schedules, circumstances, and frequency.

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Restaurants and Pubs Cleaning Services

Back of house pubs and restaurants cleaning services in Upper Hill include:

  • Kitchen deep cleaning comprising of walls, ceilings, floors, fixtures
  • Kitchen ventilation deep cleans such as fans, ducting, and canopy
  • Cleaning walk-in refrigeration units
  • Kitchen equipment deep cleaning to include chillers, ovens, and fryers
  • Cleaning changing facilities and staff toilet
  • Floor deep cleaning such as scrubbing, buffing, polishing
  • Kitchen extraction audits with photographic evidence and grease readings

Our cleaning services will cover the following

  • Cleaning of signage, windows, canopy
  • Bar cleans, seating, and standing and seating
  • Deep floor mopping, cleaning, buffing, and polishing
  • Exterior jet washing and patio cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of sinks, urinals, bathrooms, and sinks
  • Restocking washroom consumables 
  • Entrance areas and foyers
  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • Emptying and sanitizing trash and recycling bins

Why Nairobi City Pest Technologies

We have a good reputation for providing cleaning services in Upper Hill for large, small, and medium-scale events. We provide outstanding cleaning services to bring your venue back to normal within a short time. We are always available to provide you with every cleaning task you may need to ensure the venue is in good condition before and after an occasion.

We have the needed experience and capacity to manage your cleaning requirements. We are available any time to discuss the cleaning requirements. Get in touch with us to provide the best solution that meets your challenging needs today. To improve our services, we train our stewards regularly and rigorously. We also adhere to guidelines and policies by the Competition Authority of Kenya and the Health Ministry.

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