Sanitary and Washroom Hygiene Solutions Provider in Hurlingham

Sanitary and Washroom Hygiene Solutions Provider in Hurlingham

We offer a wide range of reliable and excellent sanitary and washroom hygiene solutions within Hurlingham at a pocket-friendly budget. Our company install, supply and offers various hygiene solutions comprising of paper rolls, dispensers, sanitisers, pedal bins, and other hygiene consumables. Based on our extensive years of experience, we guarantee to take your washroom from good to unmatched with our quality range of washroom hygiene solutions. We serve offices, restaurants, learning institutions, manufacturing facilities, hospitality, homes, among others. Check our pricing model for the services we offer here.

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Sanitary and Washroom Hygiene Solution

As a sanitary and washroom hygiene service provider in Hurlingham, our approach is centered around maintaining your washroom safe, fresh and healthy all the time. Therefore we are here to ensure that you concentrate on other vital aspects of your business success. Our washroom solution approaches include but are not limited to hand hygiene, urinal care, toilet, and menstrual hygiene care.

We understand that the washroom comprises sanitary towel disposal in a business-oriented environment. As a result, we install the modern pedal-operated equipment on regular basis based on our client’s needs. We ensure that you get the best sanitization service that controls and eliminate germs, bacteria, virus, and any other chances of contamination.

Our professional hygiene team are here to provide a helping hand. We go the extra mile to provide advice on the best approach for your office, restaurant, home, and other commercial property to make sure you are in a safe environment.

Why Nairobi City Pest Technologies

We have a good reputation for providing cleaning services inĀ Hurlingham for large, small, and medium-scale events. We provide outstanding cleaning services to bring your venue back to normal within a short time. We are always available to provide you with every cleaning task you may need to ensure the venue is in good condition before and after an occasion.

We have the needed experience and capacity to manage your cleaning requirements. We are available any time to discuss the cleaning requirements. Get in touch with us to provide the best solution that meets your challenging needs today. To improve our services, we train our stewards regularly and rigorously. We also adhere to guidelines and policies by the Competition Authority of Kenya and the Health Ministry.

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