Sanitization and Disinfection Services in Ruai

Sanitization and Disinfection Services in Ruai

Sanitization and disinfection services are our top priorities in serving Ruai. We are experts in fogging, fumigation, and spraying use foggers and sprayers. We believe that a healthy environment and clean surfaces are key to our well-being. Ruai region has a sanitization issue that somebody should step in to avert the menace. With the recent COVID 19 pandemic, all hell broke loose. A sanitization is no longer an option. Public surfaces need to be sanitized. High touch surfaces, door handles, tabletops, and washrooms. We supply sanitization products, service public areas, and provide necessary recommendations to protect the public from the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other germs.

The team we have on board take sanitization and disinfection to with utmost seriousness. This includes sanitization of public sitting area, public walkways, staircases, churches, school boarding facilities, office spaces, and warehouses. Make a call and keep your family safe.

Sanitization service for your home. Commercial, and office spaces

Sanitization and disinfection of the whole city begin at home. We will provide you with fast response, long-lasting, and effective sanitization service. We have the capacity, technology, and passion to deliver. It is important to make sure that it is clean by calling us. We also provide expertise to bigger facilities such as shopping complexes, malls, and corporate towers among others.

Why Us

We have undertaken sanitization and disinfection long before the Covid 19 era. We have undertaken bedbug control, cockroach control, fleas control, mites control, rats control over 19 years now. We have a team experienced in pest control, customer service and the use of safe chemicals to exterminate pestsAt the heart of our service is pest control. We enter a pest infested area leaving it without living pests. It is not easy. It takes years of experience to understand cunny pests. We offer pest control as a service. We charge a fee that caters for chemicals, transport and a small profit. I assure you we have very competitive prices in the industry. We are cognizant of the fact that pests are of different strains and sometimes they might not all get out. We offer support upto 30 days with free revisits and recommendations. Pest Control is a process not an event


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