Electric ULV Fogger

The electric ULV fogger has a spray distance that reaches 20-26 feet which helps to optimize the atomization effect. It is made of adjustable screws that allow one to make changes easily to the flow of the fog machine. It has an adjustable particle size that ranges from 0 to 50 microns. Nairobi City Pest Technologies proposes to you that this is one of the ideal atomizers that will meet your needs.

We have tested the ULV fogger and determined the high efficient electric fogger does finish spraying its bucket of water within 8 minutes. We find the system more effective and is also time-saving when compared to a manual sprayer.

Application and scope: The ULV can be used for fogging of offices, homes, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, gardens, warehouses, dog or hen-houses, SQs other indoor & outdoor public places.

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Model: Electric ULV sprayer

Voltage: AC 110V

Power: 600-1000W

Capacity: 7L

Fog particles: 0-50 microns (adjustable)

Spraying distance: 6m-8m

Power cord length: 2.5m

Spraying speed: 400ml / min (adjustable)

Size: 48×22.5x26cm


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