Icon®10CS is a capsule suspension (CS) formulation of lambda-cyhalothrin, a second-generation pyrethroid. It was developed specifically for indoor residual spraying (IRS) and provides mosquito and other  pest control for more than 9 months.

Active Ingredients


Mode of Action

It belongs to the Pyrethroid chemical family and affects the neurological system of living creatures. It messes up the sodium channel gating process, which is crucial for nerve impulse generation and transmission. Pyrethroids slow down the process of closing sodium channel activation gates, allowing them to remain open for an excessive amount of time. When an insect is ingested or exposed to the environment, this causes delayed stimulation of its nerve fibers, resulting in fast paralysis and death.

Target Pests








Areas of Use

In residential residences, commercial, industrial, and public buildings, slaughterhouses, high density animal and poultry breeding facilities, stables, kennels, canteens, and restaurants, the product is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

– Cracks and crevices
– Inside and under cupboards, shelves and drawers
– Behind and under stoves, sinks and fridges– Nest entrances and along insect trails
– Window sills, window screens and other resting areas
– Bed frames

ICON 10CS Key Features

• Odorless and leaves no marks on sprayed surfaces.

• Broad spectrum insecticide that is particularly efficient against malaria vector mosquitos, flies, and cockroaches.
• Has a low rate of application

Application Frequency
The capsule’s lambda-cyhalothrin release rate is kept constant to maximize insect pick-up and residual efficacy. As a result, low rates, such as one capsule per mosquito, are necessary.

Mix 62.5ml of ICON 10CS with 8-10 liters of water

Advantages of its use

• Suitable for space spraying (thermal and cold fogging) and residual spraying

• Offers good lasting effects

• Environmentally friendly and non-carcinogenic and




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