Termidor 96SC
Suspended Concentrate is the term for Termidor 96SC. For termite control and removal, this is the best and most effective insecticide. Protects your home and company from termite infestation and re-infestation in the future. Because it is non-repellent, it does not keep termites at bay. Instead, the chemical is consumed by the termites after they have eaten the treated substance, resulting in their death, while other termites transport the chemical and transmit it to others in their colony through touch, resulting in their deaths. It provides up to ten years of termite protection when used according to the instructions.

Fipronil 96 g/l active ingredient

Mode of Action of Fipronil

The central nervous system of insects is disrupted by fipronil. It is extremely deadly to insects because it binds to their nerve endings and hinders chloride ion intake, resulting in excessive neuronal excitation and death.

Pests to be targeted
Termidor 96SC is a highly effective termiticide for a variety of subterranean termites. To avoid contamination, block any waterways and choose a day when it is unlikely to rain to prevent the water from seeping away. It is mostly focused on:

  • Termites in Drywood
  • Subterranean termites are termites that live underground.
  • Infestation of ants

Application Rate
Apply Termidor 96SC according to the ‘Directions for Use’ label for optimal termite control and elimination. Its application is based on the number of lineal feet surrounding the house, with a 10oz (0.38kg) Termidor bottle treating 30 lineal feet.

Termidor 96SC: Why Should You Use It?
It leaves a long-lasting residue and only needs to be administered once every ten years around the affected area.

It eliminates the need for ongoing, costly spraying.

It doesn’t have any scent.

Termites are oblivious to its existence, thus they end themselves in treated regions without even realizing it.

Effective termite control requires just modest amounts of active Termidor, roughly 0.6 percent.

It has a one-of-a-kind product called “Transfer Effect.” It enables termites to take up Termidor and spread it throughout their colonies, ensuring that termites are completely eradicated.



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