Gladiator 4TC

Gladiator 4TC is the most effective termite treatment. It is effective in exterminating termite populations in farms, gardens, terraces, and lawns, as well as in manufactured or timber houses.

Ingredients to Look For

Chlorpyrifos 480g/L Termiticide Concentrate

Mode of Action: Chlorpyrifos 480 g/l

Contact, ingestion, and fumigant activity are all used to kill insects. It kills an insect by poisoning it and disrupting its nervous system.

Target Pest

  • Termites

Target Locations for Gladiator 4TC

  • Wood structures
  • Termite mounds and nests.
  • Pre and post-construction

Useful Instructions

By combining 1 litre of Gladiator 4TC with 48 litres of water, you can make a 1% concentration aqueous solution. After then, apply the advice given.

Concrete slabs under construction

  • Apply 6-12 liters of the solution per linear meter to the exterior of the foundation wall trenches, to depths of 40-75 cm. The higher rates are for foundations that are deeper. Replace the soil and apply an additional 8-16 liters of solution per linear meter. Finally, cover the trench with a thin layer of untreated soil and fill in the treated soil.
  • Under the slab, entrance platforms, and porches, use 6-9 litres of the solution per square meter. Ensure that the coverage is consistent. Slabs on gravel, cinder, and coarse materials have a greater rate.

Established concrete slab buildings

Prepare trenches 40-75cm deep along the foundation walls. Inject the gladiator4TC solution under the concrete slab at 45cm intervals along the inner foundation walls and selected floor sites. Fill in the holes that have been drilled.

Termite nests

Remove the top 15cm of soil from the top of the tunnels and pour the solution down them. After treatment, replace the soil.


Mix 1litre of gladiator 4TC in 24litres of water and spray the timber
thoroughly to point of runoff. Soak mounds of fencing poles for 30minutes and treat the soil in holes by pouring in the solution by the water can or bucket.

Lawns and Gardens

Using 1.5 litres of the solution per 10 square meters, spray the afflicted areas. Incorporate the spray into the soil as much as possible.


  1. It is biodegradable, breaks down quickly under direct sunshine, and does not accumulate in the environment.
  2. In Kenya, this is the only organophosphorous insecticide that has been thoroughly studied and is recommended for termite control.
  3. Its concentration in the soil is less than 1ppm in commercial uses, and it has little or no influence on other soil organisms.
  4. It has a limited solubility in water and does not leach through non-target areas.






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